CashSale POS is local Point of Sales application.

With CashSale POS you can register sales of you restaurant, cafe or small shop.
CashSale POS is a Point of Sales application with advanced syncing functions.
Internet access is not required. CashSale POS offers convenient usability both on phone and tablet where you can set the user interface according to your device.

Availible since 2016

Easy to use
CashSale POS is designed to streamline the process of entering and finalizing sale. You can complete order with the least amount of steps possible.
CashSale is created using standard, known solution. You don't need to learn whole new world or break your habits.

Following features are available:

  • Transactions can be suspended, restored and named or ordered by tables
  • One time products can be added to transaction
  • Multiple taxes, exclusive and VAT
  • Reporting with various reports
  • Unlimited categories, taxes, payment types, discount
  • Using other tablet, phones and TV as Customer display, Recommended products display, Ordered display and others
  • Devices communicate over p2p communication, no central server required
  • Printing summaries and orders to network, bluetooth, USB line printers
  • Payment modules for Credit Card processing: SumUp, PayPal Here, Razorpay (india), MolPay (Asia), Fiscal (Poland)
  • Scanning with barcodes
  • Operators - Cashiers, Users
  • Stock management with Purchases and stock counting
  • Support for Cash drawer, bluetooth payment terminals, line printers, input devices
  • And more

Cashsale POS can operate as quickshop cash register or POS restaurant with waiters.

Taxes - You can assign multiple tax rates to product to record regional and country taxes.

Multiple reports with reporting by date ranges or shift.

Number of setup items like products, payment types and transactions is not limited.

More then one Cash Register and devices in other Modes like Customer display, Specialty can cooperate and synchronize.

Invoices, Summaries and orders can be generated to PDF, emailed or printed on a receipt or Desktop printer.

CashSale POS can work with big number of records. Large number of products, categories have very little effect on responsiveness.

As a general data is saved when transaction is finalized and later setup changing, for example product category, doesn't effect reports. Only exception is that when transaction is canceled.
You can browse report based in date ranges and Shifts. You end Shift when done operating for the day.
CashSale POS offers following reports:

  • Transactions products review
  • Payments summary - Summarized payments
  • Taxes summary - Summarized taxes
  • Tax free report - Taxes marked as tax free
  • Products statistics - Number of products sold and sum per product
  • Cash payments - Payments treated as cash
  • Zero and Negative Stock - Products with zero and negative stock
  • Discounts - Applied discount
  • Profit vs Purchase Report - Profit report based on sold and purchased products
  • Purchase Summary - Summary of purchased products
  • Transaction review
  • Invoice review
  • and others

Beside regular cash register CashSales POS can operate in additional modes.
Extra devices receive updates from cash register and act as display. Following modes are availible.

  • Cash register - You'll need at least one to register sales
  • Transaction display for customer - Displays what's now on transaction and current summary. This modes displays current transaction summary, change, due and also list of products on current transaction. Such display can help with customer service in loud environments or with deaf of foreign customers.
  • Ordered display - Displays what should be prepared, packed or cooked
  • Recommended products - Recommended products, Specialty of the day, etc. You can use big device like android TV to present your recommended prooducts or promotions. For restaurant business it can be house specialties or specialty of the day. Check option "Recommended" in product setup to display it.
  • Order status display - Informs which order is ready to collect
  • Self order station - Device on which customer can self order


CashSale POS synchronizes data between multiple devices for example second cash register.
Requires wifi connection. Devices communicate p2p. Products, categories, payment types, taxes, settings and other will be synchronized.