How to set up correct character printing settings

Choose one the Regional printing presets in the Settings.

If setting is not correct you can adjust detials in Advanced Settings.

Go to Settings, then go to Advanced settings. From the list of settings find Encoding for printing and Codepage for printing.

The Code Page and bytes encoding settings needs to be set appropriately to your language.

Code page needs to be one of supported by your printer. After modifying save settings using the diskette button.

Default settings are Encoding “US-ASCII”, codepage: 0

For example these values are correct for languages:

spanish - Cp850, 4
german - Cp850, 2
french - Cp850, 4
portuguese - Cp850
polish - Cp1250, 72
russian - Cp1251, 73
japanese - GBK, 0
thai - Cp874, 96
chinese - GBK, 0