Version 690

Android 14 compatibility


Version 687

BT Printing fix

Backup can now include images


Version 665

Bug fixes


Version 664

Return management
New Mode - Menu Board
Descriptions can now be deleted and synchronized
Self order now prints order chit
Print settings presets added
IMin cash drawer support
Order Readiness Voice announcement
Images are now synchronized
Added Multi printer setup
Added product import from Xlsx files
Android L or newer is now required
Barcode scanning doesn't require anymore Zxing Barcode Scanner
Fixed issue with product import

Version 585
Bug fix for storage access for some devices

Version 584
Bug fixes

Version 583
Bug fixes

Version 574
SumUp module update

Version 571
Bug fixes
French language

Version 569
Product import from CSV
Bug fixes

Version 566
Bug fixes

Version 564
Bug fixes
Added option to show all frequent action items

Version 563
Fixed crash when generating pdf without permissions
Improved image printing
Improved sorting, edit of sorting auto-saves
New recommended products theme - Black
Added option to disable chit printing when assigning order number
Added options to sort alphabetically on selling screens

Version 553
Added option to accept transaction updates from specific device in Transaction display. Can be used to pair transaction display with specific cash register device.
New functionality: Sorting of products, categories, payment type - long press to enter edit mode

Version 542
New Web Mode - Price Tag
New mode - Order Progress Display
New functionality - import products from xls file

Version 534
Order number can be assigned manually
Added option to export reports into csv
Portal removed

Version 524
Reports layout improved
Reports date ranges improved
Added reprint of finalized transaction
Order number is displayed in order status mode
Order number handling improvements
Fixed problem with part of texts not printing on some printers - added option to enable when supported by printer
Advanced settings are searchable
Bug fixes

Version 516
New report: Indicatory Profit - Profit accounted based on purchase price
New option to hide product on orders
Resolved issue with restore db not working on Android Pie

Version 512
New web mode: Custom recommended products
New functionality: Local web reports

Version 505
Improved navigation
Duplicate item
Corrected bugs with printing

Version 503
Removed init (print) - problem with local characters

Version 502
Customizable printing codes
Customizable number of decimal places
Printing of multiple copies

Version 492
New functionality: Operators

Version 471
Added logo on SumUp CC receipt
Fixed problem with themes selection
Corrected problem with autobackup on some devices.

Version 465
More labels available for customization
Automatic backup
Better self order mode
Fixed problem with camera and scanner barcode scanning on some devices

Version 445
SumUp bugfixing

Version 444
SumUp mandatory upgrade
Fixed problem with Advanced settings being not editable
Added editing of width of Categories and Current transaction panes
Added custom labels on Printouts
Added description on ordered products
Added option to print prices with/without tax
Added config for number of head/trail lines on printouts

Version 425
Finalizing requires confirmation
Logo printing
Assigning continuous order number
Fixed problem with reporting deleted transaction

Version 418
Fixed displaying problem on high resolution tablets

Version 416
Added confirmations on restore
Added confirmations clear transaction
Added option to don't reset order on suspend
Barcode scanner possible on product search
Added transation display themes
Added recommended products themes
Added Square payment module
Suspended transaction list updated live

Version 403
Fixed bug in product price counting in sets
Currency setup in settings
New reports - Discounts Report, Profit vs Purchase Report, Purchase Summary

Version 343
Support not latin number transid, date string
Open drawer option when finalized, open drawer button
PMs result printing - CC SumUp
UTC TS generation problem with ssl on older devices