How to correct transactions?

Finalized transactions can be deleted or returned (refunded).

When returning, stock is also returned. Return receipt is printed and transaction is visible on the Returned report.

Deleting transactions do not return stock. Deleted transaction are visible in the Transaction overview with filter applied and will be purged after some time.

Transaction payments are also returned. Related Payment modules charges are not affected. They need to be settled manually.


Open or Suspended transactions can be fully edited including adding products, discounts, tender medias.


Header and Footer

Footer and header can be printed on Checks and orders. Number of lines is not limited. You can use special characters if your printer supports it and once printing code page and encoding is properly configured in advanced settings.


Deleting (Removing) Items

You can mark Product, Category etc as deleted (removed) by entering item edit screen and pressing Delete button on top. Item will be purged permanently after some time.


How to Quickstart with CashSale POS?

  1. Check you currency in Settings
  2. Setup header and footer in Settings
  3. Setup your printer in Settings if you plan to use it
  4. Add your Products and Categories
  5. Setup secondary device as Transaction display or Recommended products if needed


Is CashSale POS free?

CashSale POS is free with the exception of few extra paid features. You can unlock following extra features using Google Play:
Transaction Display Themes, Custom recommended products, Local web reports, Custom Labels, Automatic Backup, Operators Reports, Discounts Report, Profit Reports, Products Import, Purchase Summary Report, Export to CSV, Operators, Recommended Products Themes and others


What are the Suspended Transactions?

In CashSale POS you suspend a transaction. Also called as saved, open or pending transaction. Such transaction can be restored, edited, again suspended or finalized with Payment.
You can synchronize open transaction across devices.


How to add description to a transaction?

Transaction can be described when it's being suspended or you can enter description once pressed Transaction ID number.
You can select from predefined descriptions like Takeout, Delivery and Table number or enter your own description.


How to print from CashSale POS?

You can print receipts, summaries, checks, orders, reports and invoices on printers supporting ESC/POS commands (for example Epson TM-T88V) connected using Bluetooth, Wifi or USB Cable.

You can print generated PDFs (Summaries, Reports and Invoices) on regular desktop printer using PDF application print function. You'll need to install helper application specific for you printer:


Clearing and resetting all data

Once you're done with testing CashSale POS you can clear database from test sale or clear all configuration and transactions including demo data using "Purge database" or "Clear transactions" button which are available on Advanced Tools screen


How to sort products, categories, payment types

You can adjust sorting of products, categories, payment types by long pressing on them in the selling screen. You can also enable Sort alphabetically options in advanced settings to override default order.


How to connect peer devices

Install CashSale POS on secondary device and set required Mode, for example Orders Display. Both devices have to be in the same Wifi network.